Ashley & Hope

Ashley & Hope

My first official wedding of 2019 was with two of the most talented women, Ashley & Hope. As a cousin to one of my best friends, I have become very fond of Ashley. I have watched her grow into the woman she is today; I was excited to hear when she came out and when she first met Hope! These two are unstoppable and their love for one another is refreshing. They balance each other out to a point you just want to be around and breathe them in. 

Ashley, where do I even start, beauty and brains all in one amazing woman. Her job still blows my mind to this day. She’s so humble about the fact that she does research daily as a scientist to help cure cancer in children. You literally cannot get more badass than that. She has such a great passion for her job and it’s so amazing to see. 

I had heard many great things about Hope prior to meeting her. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting we high fived and I felt like she had been one of the crew this whole time. She’s patient, kind, and her heart is so big. The way she looks at Ashley just melts your heart. Hope is a high school English teacher, serving primarily low income, multi-lingual students in an urban high school in Denver. Additionally, she coaches softball and speech at the high school she attended.

Fast forward to March 23, 2019, their wedding day. Ashley and Hope had the best wedding. Their family and friends traveled to Denver, where they had their ceremony and reception at a converted art studio called Skylight. The space was a blank slate, with white brick walls, wooden beams, and cement floors, but thanks to Ashley it transformed into a beautifully decorated space with greenery and florals to match Ashley’s bohemian vibe and neat old books for Hope. It was a beautiful setting for these two ladies to say their “I Do’s”.

Their wedding included many personal touches that any of their family and friends would tell you is ubiquitously Ashley and Hope. The brides love to make brunch together, so they chose their favorite local spot to serve breakfast for dinner. Matching that theme, they chose to do their programs as newspapers with a baseball theme to fit their shared love of sports. Most importantly, their vows were self-written with touches of laughter, joy, and honest promises to each other. 

After the ceremony, we ventured around the Art District of Denver with their bridal party, complete with cotton candy bouquets and the best graffiti! Their color choices of maroon and green fit the city and their chosen backgrounds so well. Their pictures were a mix of classy, silly, and loving, exactly how Ashley and Hope wanted them. 

We danced, we partied, and ended the evening with a wall full of donuts, what more could you ask for on your wedding day? Family, friends, fun, art, culture, beauty and brains – it summed these ladies up perfectly.